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Felicity Jones Ceramics

Felicity collects wayside flowers, grasses, weeds, fallen blossom and skeletal leaves on the ground.  She finds everyday objects in skips or discarded on the street and makes plaster moulds from them.   She presses the plants and then uses them when casting clay forms in her moulds.

 She decorates the pieces using intaglio, embossed and sprigged decorative techniques in the clay. After the first firing the plants are painted with underglaze colours using a water colour technique. The ceramic pieces are then glazed and fired again. Finally, a gold or platinum rim detail is applied by hand and the pieces then undergo their third firing.

 The use of porcelain Clay for the tea lights and vases gives them a magical luminosity in the flickering candle light or when the sun catches the ceramic surface.  

Felicity Jones Ceramics